Ultimate Guide

This guide will show the different steps involved and help guide you through the process and what you should expect before buying a home.


Talk to a lender to get pre-approved and to find out what your monthly payments will be and what your price range is. (Preliminary documents include: W-2's, pay stubs, bank statements & tax returns.)

Find a Home

Assess your wants and needs, then let your REALTOR® help you find the perfect home.

Make an Offer

Offer accepted, sign all required documents and order the Home Inspection.

Application Process

Submit updated documents from pre-approval... KNOW YOUR NUMBERS!

Contract Clauses

Review your contact & pay close attention to dates and timelines.

Inspection & Appraisal

Inspection is completed and your lender orders the appraisal.


Processor completes all updated information verifications for credit, employment and assets.

Appraisal Report

Received and reviewed: processor updates you for outstanding items.


Processor submits file to underwriting department for review and commitment letter. Approved letter issued and sent to you for review.


Submit ALL outstanding condition items for the commitment letter prior to final clearance.

Title Report

The Closing Agent reviews & shares the Title Report with your Lender for final review and approval.

Homeowners Insurance Policy

Copy of appraisal and mortgage clause provided so you can secure your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Clear to Close

You and your REALTOR® are notified that your file is clear to close and a closing date is scheduled by the Closing Agent.

Final Walk-Through

Scheduled three days prior to closing this is your chance to approve the condition of the house prior to signing closing docs.


You are at the finish line! Once your REALTOR® gets the call that you are recorded, keys will be turned to you no later than 9PM.

Welcome Home! You Are Now A Homeowner

Post Closing

Enjoy the tax advantages of owning a home! LET'S CELEBRATE

Helpful Strategies

Save and submit all future paystubs

Save and submit all future bank statements

Keep copies of all documents submitted for processing

Continue to pay all of your debts and loans on time

Common Mistakes

Don't make any cash deposits

Don't make any large purchases on your credit cards

Don't co-sign a loan for anyone

Don't change bank accounts

Don't apply for new credit cards

from contract to close we are here for you every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance!


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