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Check Out Our Different Types of Programs


Sellers Assistance

Save thousands of dollars! Pay only 3% maximum commission when you sell your existing home with Rothchild Properties, LTD. No need to wait for a rebate after closing. We give you the savings up front allowing you to keep more money in your pocket.

•We'll meet to discuss the market value of your home, choose a list price and show what you will receive from the sale.

•Our listing agent will advise you on how to prepare your home to wow potential buyers.

•We'll set up our full service marketing, advertising and negotiation system to get you the most money, in the quickest time frame.

•Our proven process allows us to sell homes faster than our competition while at the same time, getting what you deserve for your home!

•Our network of builders will help you start the process of building your new home. You will finally have the house you've been dreaming of!*


Lease Buyout

Yes, you read that right! We will buy you out of your current lease so you can buy your new home today!

We will examine your lease (free & 100% confidential)*


Guaranteed Buyout

For qualified homeowners, we can make an offer to buy your current home within two weeks. We will buy your home up to 97% of the market value, guaranteed in writing, so you can buy your new home hassle free. We list the house for sale right away. 100% profit reimbursement guarantee. If we sell the home for more than we purchased it for, we will give all the profit back to you, minus costs & fees. Removes the contingency, which increases the certainty of closing on your new home.*


Guaranteed Payment

For qualified homeowners we can pay up to 90 days of mortgage payments (PITI), should you decide to close on your new home before your current home sells. Eliminating the need of 2 monthly payments.*


Keller Mortgage

Our ZEROPLUS loan has no lender fees and gives an additional $1,000 towards closing costs. It's fast, easy, saves thousands and you can begin the process right now with Keller Mortgage.*


Keller Covered

A fast, free service that helps homebuyers and homeowners shop for insurance, compare quotes and choose the insurance that’s best for their situation.*

*Conditions apply. Call for details. Value of homes determined by broker.

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