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See the difference with our white glove service


Area Experts

We know Houston. From SW to SE, NW to NE. There is no area, district, new community, established neighborhood, or designation that Rothchild Properties Group is not aware of and well versed in.


Intelligent Pricing

We tailor our approach to determine the highest most marketable value based on multiple factors such as location, economic events, demand and buyer behaviors.


Aggresive Marketing

We use numerous platforms to communicate directly with potential customers and actively pursue their engagement on your behalf.


Open & Honest Communication

We pride ourselves on authenticity and integrity, from start to finish. We consider this an essential foundation for true collaboration. Open and honest communication leads more quickly to a mutual understanding in views, expertise and needs.

Find what we can do for you from list to close


Home Buyout Program

Allowing us to purchase your property gives you the freedom to move on to your next home.

  • What’s the market look like right now?
    This is one of the most popular questions among home sellers and buyers. After all, for most people, your home is your most important asset. Your market depends solely on your area, marketing efforts, and economic conditions. We at Rothchild Properties, LTD keep a close eye on not only our Sellers homes and Buyers transactions, but also the real estate market as a whole. Contact us today to find out what your market area outlook currently is.
  • When should I sell my home?
    Of course you want to sell when you are likely to get the best possible results, but when is that? The answer is complicated. Generally speaking, the best time to sell is when you are ready. There are advantages to selling in every season, in spite of what some people may try to tell you. Spring is typically considered the most ideal time to put your home on the market, but that does not mean you cannot get great results in summer, fall, and winter. The most important part about the home selling process is having an agent who knows how to market a home year round.
  • How do you figure out the value of my house?
    Rothchild Properties, LTD and appraisers use a similar approach. The goal is to find a price that a buyer will be willing to pay and their lender will finance. Both appraisers and real estate agents use what’s called comparable market analysis (CMA) or “COMPS” to determine the fair market value of a home. The analysis that your Realtor performs will compare your house to other properties in your area. The evaluation will include the following points of interest: Size of the home - the square footage. Style of the home - i.e., colonial, contemporary, or ranch. Number of bedrooms. Number of bathrooms. Condition of the property. Amenities such as wired alarm system, sprinkler system, pool, etc. Age of the house. Ages of mechanical and structural components such as roof, and HVAC system. Desirability of the lot. Appeal of the neighborhood or school district. Most importantly your “COMPS” will contain: Homes that are similar that have sold and closed within a certain radius. Similar homes that are currently under contract but haven’t closed yet. Competing properties that are currently for sale. The most important data is what has SOLD. The least important is what is currently For Sale (active). The price for these homes can change at a moment's notice and you never want to base your home's value on what someone thinks their home is worth.
  • The house down the street is being sold for $$$, will you sell my house for that amount?"
    The list price is the price you list the home for sale. The sale price or SOLD price is the amount that you actually sell the home for, after negotiations. A terrific agent should be able to help you set a price that will be close to the sale price, as to not extend your days on the market and waste your time.
  • Does the total tax assessed value have anything to do with market value?
    NO! Your tax assessed value has nothing to do with fair market value. The tax assessed value is nothing more than a figure the local municipality uses to collect the appropriate amount of taxes. Homestead tax exemption form.
  • Should I price my home high, so I have wiggle room for negotiation?"
    Leaving room for negotiation is one of the biggest home pricing myths in real estate. There are a lot of unnecessary risks that come from pricing a home too high. While you may think that you are giving yourself room to negotiate, too high a price is more likely to drive off potential buyers. When buyers are searching for homes, they tend to look at homes closer to what they are willing to spend. If the price is too high, increasing your days on the market, you may not get any offers and be forced to relist the house for a lower price. When this happens your home will certainly be viewed as a problem home by many buyers. They will begin to ask the question, “Why else did they have to lower the price?” Instead of pricing high, price right. Working with Rothchild Properties, LTD to find the perfect price is your best option.
  • Can I get a discount on the commissions paid?
    It is essential for you to find out what commission the real estate agent will be charging. You might be thinking that it would be great if you can find an agent who will charge a lower rate than everyone else. Unfortunately, the commission split really matters when you are selling a home. It is imperative that buyer agents want to show your house! At Rothchild Properties, LTD, we offer a variety of home selling and home buying programs that could save you thousands. Contact Us to find out how.
  • What will you be doing to sell my house?
    Every Realtor has a broad range of services they offer. Some agents do an exceptional job and others do nothing but put your home in the multiple listing service (MLS). You will want and need a comprehensive real estate marketing plan that is designed to sell a home within its market time and forthe most money possible. At Rothchild Properties, LTD we pride ourselves on working diligently for our clients and guiding them through the home selling process.
  • How will you be communicating with me?
    With Rothchild Properties, LTD you WILL receive feedback and comments on your home, using your preferred method of contact; email, text or phone call.
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